How multiple coordinated views influence cognitive load?

Guideline: Guidelines for Using Multiple Views in Information Visualization
Source: [1] Scherr, M. (2009). Multiple and Coordinated Views in Information Visualization.
[2]: Baldonado, Michelle Q. Wang et al. “Guidelines for Using Multiple Views in Information Visualization.” Advanced Visual Interfaces (2000).

I wonder about your opinion about whether multiple coordinated views (MCV) affect human’s cognitive load. What is the optimal design strategies for geospatial data while creating the MCV system? Do you think that this approach leads to increased cognitive user load? Would you prefer to use different strategies like glyph based design, etc. rather than MCV? Regarding the reference paper, if used properly, multiple views can minimize cognitive load compared to only a single view[1]. On the other hand, The wrong use of multiple views can have quite the opposite effect[2].

Thank you in advance!